Understanding Your Water Bill Statement

Statement Explanation

The numbered items below provide an explanation for the corresponding numbers in blue on the Statement above.

  1. The previous date the meter was read at the beginning of the billing cycle. On this example it is 06/06/2014. The reading at that time is the 456.00 under Meter Reading (#3).
  2. The latest date the meter was read at the end of the current billing cycle. On this example it is 08/05/2014. The reading at that time is the 459.00 under Meter Readings (#3).
  3. The previous meter reading and the newest meter reading. In this example the number to the left under meter reading is the previous reading at 456.00.  The latest reading is to the right at 459.00. The difference in these two numbers is the usage during the current billing cycle.
  4. The usage in this example is 3.00 thousand gallons.  This is the difference between the two meter readings listed under Meter Readings.
  5. The water use charge. In this example the usage is 3.00 thousand gallons.  The charge per thousand gallons is $5.75. The use of 3.00 times the charge of $5.75 per thousand gallons results in the total usage charge of $29.75.
  6. The base rate is $6.25 a month. The two-month billing cycle results in a $12.50 total base rate charge for the next two months.  * Update: See the Rate page for current Base Rate. The billing cycle is now monthly, instead of bi-monthly.
  7. Miscellaneous charges, if any, will be listed here.
  8. The Current Bill is the total Use charge ($17.25) plus the Base Rate charge ($12.50) and the miscellaneous charge ($0.00) or $29.75. You will see the number 8 once on the bill and again on the payment stub.
  9. The account number for the bill will be listed these locations
  10. The Address of the Meter will be listed in this area.
  11. If there is an unpaid balance, it will be listed by this number on the bill and again on the payment stub..
  12. This area lists the total bill. The sum of the unpaid balance and current bill.  See it on the bill and payment stub.
  13. The Mailing Address
  14. The Date this bill is Past Due.
  15. The Date of the last payment.
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