Crystal Springs has two existing ground-level, treated water reservoirs:  Booth Hill (700,000 gallons) and Pine Grove Reservoir (400,000 gallons).

In December 2018, the reservoirs were cleaned and inspected and are in very good condition with few deficiencies. The deficiencies can be addressed as part of general water system maintenance.

Additional reservoir capacity (1.3 million gallons) is recommended in our master plan.

Reservoirs in construction:

Pine Crest Reservoir  (completed)

This reservoir (80,000 gallons) primarily serves a 21 lot development on the lower east-side. It will provide additional storage and flows for Old Dalles Road and lower Eastside Road. This was fully funded by the developer and will be in service by August 2017.

West Side Reservoir

This reservoir will solve a major flow and pressure problem that has plagued the Odell area of our District. The West Side Reservoir (550,000 gallons) will be out to bid for construction by the Spring of 2019.  Completion is scheduled for the end of 2019.

South Reservoir

The South Reservoir will provide additional storage for the entire District and provide storage for the pressure zones south of Booth Hill in the event the spring is not usable. We are currently in the planning phase for construction, and over the 2018-2019 budget year will be exploring funding options.