General Services

Crystal Springs serves approximately 5,300 customers in over a 52 square mile area of Hood River county (Hood River County is 350 square miles). This is achieved with 716,000 feet (133 miles) of transmission lines, through which high-quality spring fed water flows.

We serve our customers through:

Water Quality Testing and Compliance

We test 12 different locations in our water system regularly to ensure our water system complies with EPA and State regulations to maintain the highest quality water we can provide.

Fire Protection

We maintain a network of fire hydrants and storage reservoirs for both residential and industrial customers to provide fire protection throughout our service area.

Repairs and Maintenance

When a water main line breaks or valves malfunction, we make the repairs. We monitor the condition of the system so that our customers receive reliable water services.

Every day, we monitor 11 pressure zones and 39 pressure reducing stations to keep water pressure under control and maintain the right flow rate.

Water Meter Maintenance

Most customers have a pressure regulator that lowers the water pressure entering your home or business so that your water meter does not malfunction. We maintain these pressure regulators so that your water pressure is correct. We encourage our customers to have their own regulator as a backup.

Water Service Installation and Connections

We connect new homes and businesses to our water system.

Capital improvements

Wherever possible, our own crews do capital improvements rather using than contractors to off-set costs.

Service Hook Up / Installation

See our Service Installation page for more information.


To learn more about any of these services, please call our office at (541) 354-1818.

Emergency Services

We are on-call 24 hours a day for water emergency services.

Call (541) 806-3818 if you have an emergency after normal business hours.

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